Why On Earth Would Anyone Delete A Million Pound A Year Driving School Website When It’s Already Ranked Top Position On Google PAGE ONE 3 Times?


Want to see videos documenting how to get a brand new website ranked on Google within hours...?


Well the truth is I found something better – WAY BETTER and it’s the most heavily SEO Advanced Website to ever hit the driving school industry. The speed of results is mind blowing as you are about to see.

Like many of us I was totally frustrated with my website. I had to wait a week sometimes to get my web guy to make changes and adding fresh content (essential to stay top of Google) was a total hassle.

Worst of all despite being GLUED to the top of Google for the last decade I could see in some areas it was evident that some loss of ranking had set in due to changes in Google updates (how they decide who ranks best).

PANIC SET IN! I’m responsible for 25 ADI’s livelihoods and I’ve always relied on staying top of Google to keep all 25 diaries full. We also have 130 ADI’s who’s marketing we look after.


The pressure was well and truly on!

If I’m not top of Google I’m history and so are my team – Something I cannot let happen.

You may have heard me say “If we lost our website we’d be out of business within a month”. So this was a pretty big deal. It had to be fixed.

I was at a fork in the road. Do I try to improve my existing website? Or do I create a new one?

I studied exactly what Google want at great expense. What the world No1 SEO experts advise and set about creating a website that was 100% compliant in terms of Google and SEO.

I’d have rather had a web guy do it but I could see that there was not a single website in the driving school market that was fit for purpose…

..Seriously I looked at all the big nationals and hundreds of 1st position websites at the top of Google and then it dawned on me…

What if I did it myself and worked on it until we had The Ultimate Driving School Website.

So I invested a tonne of money and got seriously educated on website architecture and SEO. It’s always been my policy to invest in the best and I won’t tell you how much it cost but it was a lot!

For six weeks I started at 6am and finished at 6:30pm and that was just doing the latest training. That investment of around 300 hours learning was essential because…

There was no way I could delete my existing website without certainty the new one would rank top of Google Page One.

It was a massive risk because it might not rank at all and I already said what the consequences of that were!

Please excuse my French when I say this but there is no other way to describe the feeling I felt when I had to push the delete button on my existing website…. I was crapping it!! I pushed the button and went to bed.

That night when I went to bed I didn’t sleep a wink.

I was up by 5am at my desk to see what Google were making of my new website and if giving up 3 months of my life was worth it!

I logged into Google and saw that they hadn’t even indexed a fraction of the website. Google basically go through your site sussing it out before and that determines how it ranks. Or not as is often the case!

Only a fraction of the pages had been indexed

Then I searched Google to see what position it was. I suspected it would start on page 10 and we would see it gradually climb up the rankings over coming days maybe weeks…. Maybe months!?


I couldn’t believe my eyes…

My new ‘area’ page was sat in 1st Position at the top of Google Page One!!

And my home page was sat in 2nd Position at the top of Google Page One!!


My Google map was in 1st position.

We’d hit all 3 top positions within hours of deleting the old site and launching a brand new website.

I let out a shriek and woke the whole house up at 5am.

Mrs White was not pleased!

But I was. I was dancing round the office!

Over coming weeks, the results just kept getting better!

The new website was getting some serious attention.

The new website was attracting THREE TIMES the number of visitors finding it on Google… A threefold increase in traffic within weeks!

Built for speed.

Website load speed is now one of the top factors in the google rankings and with the average driving school website struggling to get above 40/100 using quality hosting is essential. Following further tweaking, we are now achieving an industry leading score of 97/100. With so many ADI’s signing up to “cheap” hosting providers, the general situation will only get worse as thousands more share the same platform.


I checked all the top websites and was unable to find any driving school website that had anywhere close to a 90/100 rating.

Even Red and the AA struggle to obtain a score of 90%.

You can check your own site here, just add your site URL.

Test your own site speed by clicking this link that takes you to Google’s own speed testing tool: LINK

Who can benefit the most from the information I’m about to share with you? Which category are you currently in?


  • You are not generating enough new pupils to make a decent living.
  • You have a full diary but would like to charge more for your lessons.
  • You have a full diary but working to many hours
  • You would like to recruit help rather than turn away customers
  • You would like to have a residual income each month
  • You would like to recruit franchisees and grow your Driving School
  • You would like give up teaching and just run your Driving School as I do


The video recording below will show you what is possible:

After four years of working with 100’s of ADI’s, one thing has become very clear to us and that is that is the vast majority do not have the time available to learn modern marketing techniques and many resort to competing on price. It becomes a catch twenty-two as those that are busy are often working far too many hours which often impacts on their lifestyle and work/family balance.


So what is the solution when you DO WANT the financial benefits that marketing will bring.

We introduced a managed solution just a few weeks ago and 34% of our ADI ‘s snapped up the option in just 8 days.


A Question for you?


Could you spare 5 minutes a couple of times a week?


If the answer is YES then whichever category you are in above, your goal will become a reality.

For those of you reading this that have ambitions of growing your driving school and having the financial benefit of an extra £1440 EVERY MONTH (Just five franchisees)

Or the longer term benefit of £7,200 EVERY MONTH (25 Franchisees as I do)


I also want to share with you my 8-step ADI Recruitment System so you can grow your team and recurring passive income.


Out of all the ADI’s I’ve interviewed over the last 10 years only 1 person didn’t join my team so be sure to watch them all if you also want a near 100% success rate.


The Managed Service above is the solution to gaining a regular supply of new customers and when combined with the Instructor Training Campaign, you have the solution to recruit new trainee's into your Driving School to ensure growth

Instructor Training Facebook Campaign

Instructor Training Campaign Website

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Need some help?

We are already working with hundreds of ADIs and no matter how much detail you go into online you can’t beat getting on the phone and discussing specifics and answering questions.


You can call me on my Driving School Number 01278 450142 so you can discuss your online strategy that is going to get you the business and rewards you deserve.


Best time to call is Monday – Friday from 10.30 – 18.00


When you call 01278 450142 you will be greeted by Andy or Sandra, our customer services staff. I get a tonne of cold calls so be sure to tell them you are calling about the managed service and they will put you through to me.