ADI Business Success Convention 2017.

Monday 23rd January

Holiday Inn, Bromsgove (M42/M5)

10am - 5pm

The one event where all of our members can meet up and put names to faces of fellow members. This will be the third Convention that we have run and it's without doubt the one we look forward to the most.

The event has always produced a great vibe, both on the Sunday evening and the day of the event. Many friendships have been established over the past four years and it's always great to meet and spend time with those looking to get ahead.


Having had the opportunity to work on a one to one basis with our managed service members has been a real eye opener for us as mentioned several times before. We now have a much better understanding of why some members have made no progress while others are racing ahead.



The Convention WILL NOT be a sales pitch for managed services and although it will be great to meet with those on the service, especially as we have a number of new members who we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, the Convention will remain for the benefit of ALL members.

The Theme:

The theme for this year’s convention will be largely focused on recruiting and managing YOUR team so you will be fully equipped from the beginning and be able to avoid the costly mistakes that will crop up if you are not prepared.


You, the members have requested that we delve into the interview process more deeply as this is still an area that many of you have some concerns about and of course it’s absolutely key to the recruitment process.


I will be “acting” out the process on stage, which should be a bit of fun as well as being extremely helpful to hone your own techniques.


Once you have PDI’s in your training system, it’s crucial that you think about manging them, once qualified.


Ask anyone who already has franchises and they will tell you just how difficult it can be to change their working practices once they get in to a routine.


A large chunk of the convention will be dedicated to managing your team and having procedures in place before they qualify and come on board.


My own Instructor Trainer, Lee will be attending and together we will go through ALL the procedures for both integrating new franchisees and managing them.


Lee is responsible for their on-going training which includes teaching methods and retention of customers and he will share with you the methods and documents he uses to monitor their progress.


I will take you through the operation manual and give you an in-depth look at what can happen when situations arise and why you must have one.


The members site is getting another facelift to reflect the recent introduction of the Managed Services but also to update content for those members who prefer to learn and apply for themselves.

As you probably know, Google are currently rolling out the “Mobile 1st Policy” and this will affect everyone who rely on an organic presence for their websites. We are now currently looking at how this change to their policy will affect the search listings and the best way to deal with it.


We will be reverting back to just one communal gathering on the Sunday evening as that’s one of the real strengths of the event and a great chance for all members to meet up and share experiences.



Lunch and conference refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Tickets just £97 + VAT


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