ADI Business Success Membership Renewal.

During the last six months of 2016 there has been a major change within the membership of ADI Business Success following the introduction of the Managed Services on June 1st.


We had come to the conclusion around two years ago that the majority of members are too busy to either take time to learn the “How To” information or actually implement and grow their Driving School businesses.


Even though we were confident that offering to “Do” the marketing for members while they continued working would have a large take up rate, we totally underestimated the numbers and now 50% of Members have become Managed Service Members.


Which Membership is best for you?


If you are currently busy, busy, busy and don’t have time to learn the techniques and procedures, or you would prefer to keep working and have us completely run your marketing and growth, then the Managed Service is for YOU.


If you like to learn new techniques and prefer the hands-on approach and you have the time to keep working and implement in to your business, the “How To” Standard Membership is for YOU.


The video below will give you a walk-through of the Managed service.

Managed Service Key Elements:


  • Full coaching and consultation from me personally whenever you need it
  • You will have my personal mobile number for direct access
  • Premium Text and Priority Support (Less than 1 Hour response time for 2017)
  • Initial consultation to explore your current business practices
  • Devise your business plan and implement on your behalf
  • (New from January 3rd 2017) Simply email your test pass pictures to us and we will edit them and compile a “blog post” before adding to your Website, Facebook Page and Google My Business Listing
  • We will construct your Google Places Pages or edit them
  • Once the website is live, we will provide an update service should you wish to raise prices, add a new area or new franchisee (24 hours completion service for 2017)


Standard Membership Key Elements:


  • Protection and retention of your Area PIN
  • New “How To” video’s in keeping with the latest changes in technology and best practice procedures.
  • Dedicated Support Desk

Standard Membership is available for 2017 on a monthly basis.


£35.00 + VAT per Month


Annual Renewal. £249 + VAT


Should you decide that the Managed Service is for you, then please Click Here to visit the subscription and full information page.


If you THINK the Managed Service MIGHT be for you and would like to call me and discuss in detail, you can reach me via the Driving School number of ......

01278 450142.




Should you decide not to renew your membership or you fall behind with monthly payments Your Area "PIN" will be offered to the closest member or made available on general sale.